Cirque des Geeks ([personal profile] cirquedesgeeks) wrote2013-06-30 02:59 pm
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[Susan] In This Month!

Awesome things done this month
June was surprisingly busy for me - I am gainfully employed now! I went to a four-day long gaming event and played new tabletop systems! I have successfully completed my first year of my Librarianship Masters - including a module where I built a terrible website for this blog! :D

In book-related news, I was a guest on the second episode Lady Business+, where Renay and I talked about The Scorpio Races! (Horses are mandatory.) (Dead mothers are not mandatory, but are a really annoying trope.) I had an excellent time, and Renay made us sound super smart. Plus twitter has brought me interesting facts in response, like "Butter tea is actually a thing that exists in Tibet", and "Character X] DID have a mother... But they died."

Media consumed this month:

Posts coming up next month!
  • Eight years after I started the series, I have finally got the last few volumes of Full Metal Alchemist and I'm starting a big re-read! Next month I'll be reviewing it up

  • I attempt to decide my feelings about The Shining Girls.

  • I have Opinions about Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1 that may or may not be oscillating between "Bad art induced rage" and "fangirl squee".